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My work on Walgreens “Paperless Coupons” won a Webby

As Senior Copywriter with the Walgreens e-Commerce User Experience team, I worked with the UX/CX team, designers and development teams to create the content and copy of the omnichannel “Paperless Coupons” experience at Walgreens.com. This experience was awarded the 2014 “Best Integrated Mobile Experience” Webby Award. Here’s a great article on the Paperless Coupons experience, […]

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Wizard Castle - "White Breath"

Wizard Castle launches Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for first LP, “White Breath”

It is not possible for me to be any more excited about this: Click here for the Wizard Castle debut LP Kickstarter – I wrote the copy :) – In thanks for backing this project, we will provide rewards ranging from pins, t-shirts and can coozieswith the Wizard Castle logo, to vinyl copies of “White […]

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The new Avery Dennison Corporate Site

New project: Avery Dennison Corporate site redesign

After several months of work and near-daily communication with my client, the complete redesign of the Avery Dennison corporate site is complete – and it’s (almost) entirely my copy. –>  www.averydennison.com <–  

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Stuck in the metal with WizardCastle

We are the men of WizardCastle. We bring thunder.  

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Copywriter Kevin Day at the 2012 Wicker Park Snowbrawl

If a SnowBrawl’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

This was my SnowBrawling suit. It has a certain, “mom jeans on Michigan dad,” quality. Following the inexplicably late first Chicago snowfall of 2012, some 200 people came from the internet to throw unpackable snowballs at each other in the center of Wicker Park. The warriors in this chilly pillow fight were rewarded with hearty […]

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Small business writing & marketing Chicago

Up next…Chicago small business stories

America’s small businesses create more than 50 percent of the nonfarm GDP. Small biz entrepreneurs matter today more than ever. I want to see them succeed.

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Gaps and growth.

Like my dad, I don’t think I will ever tire of making new things. Or, at the very least, rearranging what already is. Which is pretty much the same thing, innit?

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Kevin Day’s updates, work samples and fabulous new tan.

back from some much-needed time in Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. How was the weather, you ask? Perfect. The people? Warm and welcoming. The food? Delicious. The beer? Cold and limed. The beaches and underground lakes? Gorgeous and refreshing. The Mayan ruins? Ancient and crawling with both tourists and iguanas.

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So I says to him, I says, —

My name is Kevin Bruce Day and this is my emerging WordPress portfolio site. I very recently entered the world of “funemployment,” so this site and I will grow and approach some level of relevance as I reach out-to and (hopefully and in no particular order), 1) explore the Chicago freelance copyediting and advertising agency […]

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