Gaps and growth.

"Engineering, meet Ingenuity."

Began a trial project with a nice little agency today. Enjoying the chance to work with other creative folks to bring something into existence that doesn’t yet.  It feels great to again write concepts and copy that have a hook, as well as engage in the kind of directed creative dialogue that nets something engaging. It’s reminded me that work can be fun. This small project certainly made me want more.

Like my dad, I will never tire of making new things. Or, at least, rearranging what already is. Which is pretty much the same thing, innit?

In an abstractly-related matter, I will never cease to be impressed by our mastery of the stacking arts, aka architecture.  There may be some unmastered matters in our world, but at least we have that 90° angle, perfect balance, gravity-defiance thing on lock.

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